I was able to successfully convince a jury 12-0 that a grant deed should be set aside and declared null and void on the grounds that the deed was forged. Ms. Mahony, was instrumental in convincing the jury that the signature was a forgery. She conducted a thorough investigation of the facts and documents involved in the case, significantly assisted counsel in preparing questions for the defense’s expert witness deposition and produced creative and convincing trial exhibits. At all times she conducted herself as a consummate professional. I would ask her to assist me in any future cases where a document examiner is needed.

Williem J. Bard
Law Offices of Robert A. Huddleston

Thanks again for your help. Based on your testimony, the other side cancelled putting on their own expert.

Michael C. Hall
M C Hall & Associates, P.C.

Ann Mahony was a document expert in an employment case where we suspected documents were made later than the date which appeared on them. She tasked me to get the originals of thousands of pages of documents and after she very carefully inspected all 2,000 of them, she found the “smoking gun”. It was a needle in the haystack that none of the attorneys noticed. At her deposition, opposing counsel asked her a question about her findings. He was flabbergasted and did not believe her. The deposition was adjourned and the next work day he called and said he was withdrawing from the case, four days before trial. The plaintiff paid my client $5000 to settle the case. Ann also produced some great data for us and some dynamic graphics that we did not need to use. She is very thorough, diligent and was fun to work with.

Steven C. Wolan, Esq.
Patton, Wolan & Carlisle LLP

In the most significant case in my career, where the plaintiff was asking for $3,000,000, we used Ann Mahony as our expert. She was able to prove that a pain diary, claimed to have been written over a two year period was a re-created document, executed in only three sittings. The plaintiff got zip. Nada. Nothing. When I later polled the jury, they said that Ms. Mahony’s testimony made a significant contribution to their decision.

Debra Bogaards, Esq.
Pave & Bogaards

My firm filed lawsuit on behalf of our client to collect on two long-overdue promissory notes against a well-funded aggressive defendant. The defendant hired a high-powered expert who opined the documents were forged. We retained Ms. Mahony, who reviewed literally hundreds more writing samples than defendant’s expert, and concluded the note documents were authentic. Ms. Mahony presented compelling testimony demonstrating the authenticity of the documents, and thoroughly rebutted every single basis of the defense expert’s opinion. She more than held her ground on cross-examination. The jury returned a verdict in our favor, with the final judgment (including an award of prevailing party attorney fees) totaling over $2.19 Million. Post-trial interviews with the jurors confirmed that Ms. Mahony’s testimony had a huge impact on the outcome. We are extremely grateful to Ms. Mahony for her hard work, attention to detail, and persuasiveness with the jury, and we look forward to working with her again!

Kevin Brodehl, Esq.
Morgan, Miller, Blair

Thank you for your hard work! Ms. M and Dr. A are grateful not to lose their home due to forgery, and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without you. I hate to say, I have seen other handwriting experts be totally thrashed by opposing counsel, but you held your ground and were extremely convincing. Not only did you prove the Substitution of Trustee was forged, when you approached the bench to testify about the journal entries, opposing counsel interrupted and immediately agreed to a dismissal with prejudice rather than allow your further testimony. Thank you for your outstanding efforts on behalf of my client.

Michael P. Rooney Michael Rooney Law

We obtained a $1.7 million dollar verdict in favor of my clients. Your testimony concerning the alterations on the original documents was instrumental our success. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Susan M. Walsh, Esq.

I have been a trial attorney for many years and recently had the pleasure of working with handwriting expert, Ann Mahony… On the stand Ann was the textbook example of what a highly qualified expert should reflect. She was calm and focused. She included the Judge when explaining her findings. She was cordial but not gratuitous with inquiry on behalf of our opponents. She was clear in her findings and able to discuss them without falling into manufactured controversies. Ann’s knowledge base and ease in the courtroom places her at the highest level of an expert.Thank you Ann. Your excellence was a significant factor in our success.

Jeanne Gale, Esq.
Jeanne Gale & Associates

Ann, I am please to advise you that we completely won our case. Thanks for all of your help. It was great working with you. I appreciate all of your efforts. If I have a need for a handwriting expert again, be sure that I will call on you. Thanks again.

Joseph Schwachter, Esq.
Littler Mendelson

Ann Mahony was so convincing at her deposition that JP Morgan punted on contesting that the note and deed of trust were signed by someone other than (name withheld). In simple words, they conceded the issue of forgery.

Christopher Ashworth, Esq.
Silicon Valley Law Group

Thank you for your assistance in the case. Upon making an offer of proof as to your findings, the court was prepared to hear a motion for sanctions against the other side for submitting documents of questionable authenticity. The other side prudently agreed to a walk-away agreement whereby we would not pursue the motion, in exchange for their waiving the net judgment in their favor. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks again for your help!

David G. Hysinger
Pave & Bogaards

Thank you for helping CRONA crack our forgery case. Your attention to detail and thorough investigation were admirable. You were recommended by our legal firm and you did not disappoint us.

Lorie Johnson
President, CRONA

You provided services of a highly professional nature in a very difficult case. Had I not been able to use your well written report and visual aids in my negotiations with opposing counsel, I am certain that the result for my client would not have been as favorable.

Thomas J. Dowdalls, Esq.
Severson, Werson, Berke & Melchior

Burns will seek prosecution of the suspect based on your analysis…Pacific Bell’s Security Investigators all look forward to working with you.

Scott Templeton
Security Investigator, Pacific Bell

I would like to express my gratitude for your outstanding efforts in helping us resolve a major internal credit fraud case. You help guided us in sorting out a relatively complicated case and led to proceedings against three employees. Your services were very professional, prompt and of the highest standards. I will not hesitate to call upon you for future cases and have already taken the liberty to recommend you to associates at other retailers.

Earl Connors
Corporate Loss Prevention Investigators, Mervyn’s

I want to thank you for your valuable work on this case [tenant lease] which led to a successful settlement. My client was extremely happy with the result. Absent the expert analysis and findings you provided, we would not have been able to achieve such a favorable resolution. Both my client and I are very appreciative of your efforts.

Saul M. Ferster, Esq.
Offices of Saul M. Ferster

Our clients are quite pleased. You added a great deal to the prosecution of this case. We would be happy to serve as a reference for you in the future.

Christopher A. Kerosky, Esq.
Kerosky & Bradley

It has been a distinct pleasure to work with Ms. Mahony. Not only is her work of high quality, bit the responses we have received to our requests has been outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

C.T Gamble
VP and Trust Officer, Bank of America

BA Cheque Corporation has been extremely satisfied with your service. The quality of your work as well as the intense investigative skills are excellent. We hope to continue to utilize your services in the future…confident that we will receive this exceptional quality in any of our future needs.

Brian G. Thiele, Asst. VP
Head, Loss Recovery and Control
BankAmerica Travelers Cheques

We retained Ann Mahony in a complex litigation matter involving a forged check by an employee and a claim against a client’s fidelity bonding company. Ms. Mahony proved to be a superior analyst. She rendered an opinion that was the basis for our prosecution. We have found Ms. Mahony to be extremely thorough in her analysis and very open minded and objective in her methodology. We found her a very cooperative and understanding expert in dealing with the constraints and time demands of commercial litigation. We recommend her wholeheartedly for any endeavor in the field of questioned document analysis.

J.Philip Martin, Esq.
McGrane & Martin

As you will note from the decision, it was your testimony that convinced the Arbitrator that the company had just cause for discharge. It was a pleasure working with your and I will be in touch with you in the future.

Judy S. Coffin, Esq.
Littler, Mendelson

I want to personally thank you for your time and counsel in resolving the recent document misrepresentation case…In the future, we will not hesitate to use your services.

Richard. L Barnes
Division Manager, Security/Safety
Dow Chemical U.S.A

We received an interim award in the case. It is good news as all of Ms. ___ claims were dismissed. The arbitrator found that there were issues with the genuineness of the 1966 and 1967 agreements that Ms. ___ did not overcome. Thank you for all of your hard work in helping us prepare the defense in this case.

Elizabeth J. Gehlhar, Esq.
Haight Brown & Bonesteel, LLP

Thank you for your help…As a result of your report, plaintiff’s expert agreed with your conclusion that they were not forgeries but actual signatures. Plaintiff’s attorney has agreed to dismiss the lawsuit.

Christopher S. Snyder, Esq.
Asst. VP, Bay View Federal Savings