Has this ever happened to you or your client?

  • You are handed a document which contains your signature, but you’ve never seen it before
  • A “surprise” will surfaces in probate
  • You discover large transfers of funds from your checking, savings, or a brokerage account
  • An original document goes missing and the photocopy looks strange
  • You’re involved in a landlord/tenant dispute over initials, dates, or signatures on a lease
  • An employee’s calendars recording his/her work hours appear too “perfect”
  • Information in your medical records doesn’t agree with what the doctor told you
  • Your corporate minutes contain new, unexplained clauses
  • A notary journal signature appears different from the signature on the document
  • You received anonymous hate mail, or magazine subscriptions, & credit cards in your name

When you need to know who wrote it…

You need a professional document examiner. In addition to a questioned signature, suspect documents can involve much more – substituted pages, cut & paste, white-out, calendars created after the fact, amended medical records, etc.

This is no time to cut corners. When you need a serious professional with expertise and experience, you need Ann Mahony. Court Qualified and Board Certified, Ann has been in the business of catching forgers since 1980, and continues training on an annual basis to keep abreast of changes in the field.

Where do I start?  

Who uses document examination?

Attorneys, Paralegals & Legal Service Providers
Human Resources Managers, Employee Compensation Specialists
Small Business Owners
Insurance Professionals & Claims Adjustors
Realtors, Brokers, Title Companies & Loan Officers
Stockbrokers, Financial Analysts & Accountants
Managers of Retail Stores & Shopping Centers
Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes & Care Facilities
Architects, Contractors, Builders & Real Estate Developers
Landlords, Tenants, Property Managers
Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Home Health Care Providers
Corporate Security & Law Enforcement
Schools & Educators – evaluations, report cards, etc.